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Jake Creek Pecans

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Shaking the Trees

Harvest begins each fall, usually in late October or early November.   The first pecan variety we harvest each season is the Pawnee followed several weeks later by the Kanza variety.   A "shaker" similar to a large vise is attached to the tractor and snugged up against the tree trunk.   The vise vibrates the tree causing the pecans to fall from their husks onto the orchard floor.

Harvesting the Pecans

Once the tree has been shaken, a "harvester" is used to collect the pecans from the orchard floor.   The harvester is similar to the piece of equipment used to collect golf balls from a driving range.   During this process, debris such as small twigs and pecan husks is picked up along with the pecans.


After the nuts are harvested, they are put through a "cleaner" to remove any husks and twigs, but they still require some checking for imperfect nuts.


The nuts are placed in mesh bags and stored whole in freezers before they are cracked and shelled for customer consumption.

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Updated: October 20, 2017