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Jake Creek Pecans

Storage Tips

By following a few simple storage tips, pecans can be enjoyed all year round:

Whole Pecans

  • When refrigerated or kept in a cool dry place, pecans in their shell will keep for 6 to 12 months.

Cracked Pecans

  • Cracked pecans will keep their golden color for 1 to 2 months.
  • Even though they may discolor, they often retain their great taste for several more weeks.

Shelled Pecans

  • When kept in a refrigerator, shelled pecans will keep for about 9 months.
  • Shelled pecans will last up to 2 years when frozen.
  • Shelled pecans will not lose their taste when frozen because of their high oil content.
  • When storing pecans in a freezer, place them in a sealed plastic bag or container.


  • Pecans can be thawed and re-frozen repeatedly during the 2-year freezing period, if you remember to thaw them in the refrigerator and avoid warm temperatures.
  • Always keep pecans in an airtight container because their high oil content makes them prone to absorbing odors from things stored with them.
  • After removal from cold storage, pecans will stay good for an additional 2 months.

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Updated: October 20, 2017